Bespoke translations

In translation, accuracy is essential but not enough. A good translation is also one that suits its purpose and targeted audience.
You can trust └ la carte translations to provide you with the translation you exactly need.

Particular areas of expertise

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Rural development
  • Education
  • The Arts
  • Tourism
  • Scotch Whisky

  • Environment
  • International development
  • NGOs
  • Journalism
  • Human Resources
  • Sociology
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics

Examples of documents translated

  • academic papers
  • brochures
  • dissertations
  • magazines
  • marketing documents
  • minutes
  • point of sale advertising

  • press packs
  • press releases
  • reports
  • slogans
  • teaching material
  • websites
  • etc.

Proof-reading and editing

Whether you have written a text in French or you have a translation into French which you would like checked, └ la carte translations offers a high level of quality control.

  • Correction of typing errors, spelling mistakes and grammatical inaccuracies.
  • Comparison of the target and source texts to check accuracy and consistency in terminology, providing more appropriate translations where necessary.
  • Making sure the finished article reads as well as an original piece of work.